Manufacturers nationwide are taking the KaiserSelect® Challenge—and seeing problems like stringy chips, poor surface quality and inconsistent anodize response significantly reduced or eliminated.

At Kaiser Aluminum, we’re putting our recipe-driven KaiserSelect® products to the ultimate test, going head-to-head against the competition—in manufacturing facilities just like yours.

And the results are in: time and again we’re proving that switching to KaiserSelect® Precision Rod and Ultra Precision Rod increases feeds and speeds while reducing cycle times and lowering machining costs.

But don’t take our word for it.
Check out these real-world success stories:

  • Fishing<br>Reels
  • Water Ski<br>Tow Pylon

KaiserSelect® Precision Rod 6061-T6511B

Available in diameters ranging from 0.75” up to 8.5”

  • Recipe Process Control Manufacturing
  • Consistent Machining Performance
    Lot-To-Lot and Piece-To-Piece
  • Compact Chips Reduce Downtime
  • Extremely Tight Tolerances
  • Increased Mechanical Properties
  • Enhanced Machined Surface

KaiserSelect® Ultra Precision Rod 6061-T6511U

Available in diameters ranging from 1.25” up to 8.5”

Ultra Precision Rod has all of the above, plus…

  • Uniform Grain Consistency Throughout
  • Even Higher Mechanical Properties
  • Superior Anodize Response
For more information download our PDFs and choose the right
Precision Rod solution for your machining needs.

Are you ready to see a boost in productivity while achieving measurable reductions in cycle time and overall cost?


(We’ll even provide the KaiserSelect® Precision Rod or KaiserSelect® Ultra Precision Rod free of charge.)